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  • Survive a Shift From Medical to Recreational Cannabis

    Multiple states in the US have successfully legalized recreational cannabis and seen countless benefits, the most publicized of which is the epic tax revenue that the cash crop is bringing into the state budget. As Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the other recreational states have led the way many other small governments are looking at recreational Read more

  • How to Prepare for Recreational Cannabis

    Many states including California and Arizona are sure to be looking at recreational cannabis on their 2016 ballots. These states are currently operating under medical laws and the shift to recreation will certainly change almost every aspect of the business. Looking at how states like Colorado, Oregon and Washington have handled the medical companies… Read more

  • Cannabis & Social Media

    With a built in culture and community one would think that social media marketing and cannabis are made for each other, after all community outreach is paired with the culture. But certain social media sites have made it hard for cannabis companies to exist by kicking them off for violating the Terms of Service. Facebook Read more



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