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    February 01, 2017 – Fort Collins, Colorado – New West Genetics is proud to announce the launch of its brand new website at www.newwestgenetics.com. With the creativity of their marketing partner, The Cannabis Marketing Lab, the website has been expanded to include in-depth information about the company’s efforts to revolutionize the science… Read more

  • Rise and Growth of Direct Traffic on Your Cannabis Site

    Direct traffic is supposedly when someone comes through to your website and they’ve typed in your website directly into their browser and have therefore come directly to your website. Direct traffic really is traffic where the analytics package has no idea where they have come from. That can be a number of different places and Read more

  • Cannabis Industry Heavyweights Launch In The Weeds

    New podcast hosted by pair of marketing and media veterans explores everything from consumer trends to sales to branding San Luis Obispo, CA – January 23, 2017 – A team of cannabis industry leaders is thrilled to announce the launch of In The Weeds, a weekly podcast that explores the places where cannabis and business Read more

  • How a Cannabis Solopreneur Can Grow Their Company

    In the big picture, everyone who calls our office wants the same thing: to grow their cannabis company or venture. More times than not, this call is from a Solopreneur. So, I thought I’d write a few quick words about this.   3 steps are pretty clear in the quest to grow your cannabis venture… Read more



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