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  • Facebook Ads Algorithm Explained for Cannabis Companies, Part II

    All right, so let’s say you’re doing a Michigan Method or some similar style, you have a ton of ad-sets targeting the same people and they’re all on low budgets. We know that the learning accrues at the ad-set level, like that’s where all of this is happening. If you have 50 ad-sets and you’re Read more

  • TCML CBE Ancillary 150

    The Cannabis Marketing Lab has been recognized by Cannabis Business Executive as one of the top 150 cannabis ancillary businesses for 2017, achieving best-in-class honors for the Advertising, Marketing and PR category and ranking number 130 overall. TCML was the first cannabis-specific branding firm in existence, and the company now joins The CBE… Read more

  • 2017 CBE Ancillary Business 150

    We began the process of evaluating companies for The 2017 CBE Ancillary Business 150 back in May, using CBE Week to get the message out to its 30,000 plus subscribers that included a brief survey tracking company revenue performance for the last three years, as well as other proprietary information. CBE then pursued companies that we thought Read more

  • Facebook Ads Algorithm Explained for Cannabis Companies, Part I

    Let me answer this first: yes, there are ways to get Facebook ads approved for your cannabis company… you just must be creative. I’m going to talk a bit about machine learning. We hear all the time about how smart the Facebook algorithm is. I think just kicking it off, I’m going to explain exactly Read more



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