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  • Keywords for Cannabis Companies, Part III

    Well, I have to end this series with this article. That’s hard to do. Unfortunately, I’m going to skip things like finding searcher intent from keyword searches, adding three dimensional keyword data, and more. Maybe I’ll have to do a bonus round to these three to at least cover applying keywords to your website and Read more

  • Celeste Miranda and The Cannabis Marketing Lab: the View From Within

    They say you don’t know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. When it comes to understanding cannabis patients and the industry, Celeste Miranda, founder of The Cannabis Marketing Lab (TCML), has walked plenty. Until eight years ago, Miranda worked with marketing clients in traditional industries, such as law firms and the hair salon… Read more

  • Cannabis on the Hill

    FY18 wrapped in late Mar.2018 and the critical – and infamous – language to protect state-regulated medical programs was included in the FY18 spending bill. This language that defunds any DOJ efforts from interfering with medical programs remains in effect until 30.Sept.2018. We are now working on FY19 Appropriations – which again includes… Read more



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