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Build It and They Will Come… or Not.

by Celeste Miranda

Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am! Seriously… it is amazing in this industry when I hear people say “I just need a website” or even worse when I hear a marketing firm say “we will build your website and social media pages and then show you how to take it from there”. Hmmm… in my experience, not many cannabis entrepreneurs have time to “take it from there” in a way that is aggressive and will actually do some good for their service or product. To me, this is simply a set up for failure. It’s a quick-buck gig that will never pan out or pay off for the business owner.


Marketing is a daily grind. I am hesitant to use that term, although it is a perfect descriptor, because it sounds likes it is a burden, even a dislike. It’s not, at least not for me, nor my team; we love what we do. What I mean by the term is that it’s constant and consistent daily work for marketing to matter. No one is ever going to get anywhere by putting up a website or social media and not attending to it in an active, progressive manner. In fact, it will be more detrimental to have a stagnant website and social media than it would to not have any at all. I just can’t wrap my arms around the concept that it is okay to give my clients, or anyone for that matter, a great site, great branded social pages and then just leave them on their own and go on my way to find my next “victim”. I think a marketing partner is pretty easy to define. It’s someone who is going to be there with you, right beside you, growing with you. When you have a bad month, that’s a reflection on us. It tells us that we need to change something, step something up, or perhaps make a correction.


For most marketing firms, the fun is in the creation. Of course that part is exciting. However, the real challenge comes when you do that grind day in and day out, showing your client that you can make a difference for them. That’s the key … truly making a difference. You can’t see that with a wham bam, nor is it realistic to think you can do it yourself with the life of a cannabis entrepreneur. It’s going to keep going down and down and down on the to-do list. That’s reality.


So, when you are considering launching a site, or social media, or issue a press release, do some SEO or video creation, think it through. Be careful not to put value in a one-off. It will be a waste of money and get you nowhere. Call us, we will get you were you need to go… and STAY.


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