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Cannabis Industry Heavyweights Launch In The Weeds

New podcast hosted by pair of marketing and media veterans explores everything from consumer trends to sales to branding

San Luis Obispo, CA – January 23, 2017 – A team of cannabis industry leaders is thrilled to announce the launch of In The Weeds, a weekly podcast that explores the places where cannabis and business intersect.In The Weeds replaces the popular The Cannabis Marketing Lab Radio Show, hosted by Celeste Miranda. While Celeste’s company The Cannabis Marketing Lab continues its sponsorship of the show, new hosts will now lead the lively discussions.

“This industry is about much more than hydroponics strategies and strain genetics — it is the fastest-growing industry in the United States, employing accountants, brand strategists, commercial real estate professionals, builders and so much more,” said Celeste. “This industry is ripe for intelligent, savvy discussion and analysis.”

A pair of marketing and media veterans, Claire Kaufmann and Douglas Brown, will serve as In The Weeds co-hosts. Claire, who lives in Portland, OR, has spent more than a decade helping brands find and leverage their voices, and is the founder of Rebranding Cannabis, one of the industry’s leading sources for insights into cannabis branding. Among other things, Claire plays several key roles at BDS Analytics, the cannabis industry’s leading source of data analytics and market research. Douglas spent more than two decades in newspaper and magazine newsrooms around the country, covering everything from the White House and Capitol Hill to technology policy to crime in New Mexico. Now, he runs Contact High Communications, a leading cannabis public relations firm based in Boulder, CO.

“We have so much to explore in this blossoming industry. The list of potential topics and guests grows richer by the week, and we are eager to begin shedding light on important issues,” said Claire.

Added Douglas: “A lot of us are flying blind, just running and gunning building businesses, and we don’t have the time to talk with our peers about the many facets of our work and industry. We hope In The Weeds helps us all make more powerful and informed business decisions.”

Each episode of In The Weeds will be made available by 11 a.m. PST on Tuesdays, and available for downloading here: thecannabismarketinglab.com/intheweeds.

In The Weeds is sponsored by The Cannabis Marketing Lab, BDS Analytics and Contact High Communications.



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