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The Cannabis Marketing Lab Radio Show to be Syndicated on WeedLife and it’s Affiliates

DENVER, CO – SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, AUGUST 24, 2015 – The Cannabis Marketing Lab Radio Show will now be syndicated on WeedLife, the social network known as “The Facebook of Cannabis.” This landmark partnership will be TCML’s second syndication across a mega cannabis social channel network, as well as the first radio show syndication for WeedLife.

The TCML Radio Show debuted in July 2015 as a platform for the company to provide marketing education to entrepreneurs in the cannabis market. It features prominent guests from the marijuana industry and offers tips and tricks for newcomers and mainstays in the marketplace to increase exposure to their products and services. The show currently airs on Time 4 Hemp Radio broadcasting through the Global Broadcasting Network, in conjunction with iHeart Radio.

“The addition of our radio show to the WeedLife network is a huge step forward for the TCML radio show,” CEO Celeste Miranda stated. “We are thrilled to be working with WeedLife and expanding our presence of cannabis-related social media for the marketing end of things.”
WeedLife provides a network for cannabis users and producers to connect, share, learn and brand with one another. Similar to social media giants like Facebook, WeedLife members can create fan and group pages, start a discussion or set up an event, and publish a blog on their personal profile. The network also includes affiliate sites WeedCircles, WeedWorthy and the Dispensary Map. The TCML Radio show will be syndicated across all of WeedLife’s affiliates.

In addition to social networking, WeedLife and its partners provide educational resources such as information about hydroponics and growing as well as legal advice. Its Google-style Weed Search Engine has become a popular resource for marijuana-related queries.
“We couldn’t be more pleased to be syndicating The Cannabis Marketing Lab radio show throughout the WeedLife Network,” says Shawn Tapp, Cofounder of WeedLife. “TCML is the type of show that every cannabis business owner should be tuning in to. Celeste Miranda provides the marketing knowledge and insight about this rapidly growing industry, that simply can’t be found elsewhere”, adds Tapp.

About Weedlife:
The WeedLife Cannabis Social Network is a group of free-to-use websites, apps, and social marketing tools specifically designed to expedite the growth of the cannabis industry and shorten the business learning curve for new companies entering the marketplace. For more information go to weedlife.com.

About The Cannabis Marketing Lab:
The Cannabis Marketing Lab is the branding of entrepreneurial cannabis and hemp ventures. For more information visit thecannabismarketinglab.com or contact Celeste Miranda at 805-744-2424.


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