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Cannabis Social Media Marketing

Marketing a cannabis business on social media can sometimes be daunting. Success in social media marketing requires an intentional strategy with a specific target demographic in mind. Within this plan it is imperative to create valuable, intellectual content to distribute that will not only get liked but also inspire people to engage with the photos or blog posts. Engaging a client base is key in turning followers into sales and this can only happen with interesting content and an honest presence. However, when it comes to marketing cannabis on social media sites it tends to get a bit more complicated. From Pinterest to Instagram each social network features different Terms of Service, some of which consider cannabis a drug that cannot be shared on their platforms.

Every day Instagram and Facebook pages that represent cannabis products and retail establishments are being shut down because of the network’s policies on “drugs and paraphernalia”. Not only is this disheartening after building a page, writing optimized descriptions and uploading specifically sized photos for each site; it also deletes every single acquired follower. This can set a cannabis marketing plan back weeks or even months and some companies never recover their previous social presence. This is a scary reality for cannabis professionals until federal legalization or rescheduling, but it doesn’t have to be. The Cannabis Marketing Lab is well versed in creating content that isn’t as likely to be indexed as a violation. If a client’s profile is shut down for these “violations”, not to fear, our team is efficient with building a social following and can build a profile to exceed its former glory.



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