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Cannabis & Social Media

With a built in culture and community one would think that social media marketing and cannabis are made for each other, after all community outreach is paired with the culture. But certain social media sites have made it hard for cannabis companies to exist by kicking them off for violating the Terms of Service. Facebook and Instagram have been known to delete cannabis profiles with no warning and no notification to followers. This is an issue because all of the work done to build up a community and a base of quality content has been deleted and the marketing marketing team must start from square one. The setback is disheartening to say the least so before launching a marketing plan be sure to make some tweaks to the content to ensure that the Terms of Service aren’t violated.

Educational Strategy
Instagram and Facebook aren’t trolling around looking for cannabis companies to kick off, someone reports the profile and that is how it is found and removed. For this reason it’s imperative that the page is never offensive with nudity or lewd language. Similarly, social media prefers to see educational content that helps them learn about the values of cannabis. Companies that are removed from social media platforms are generally pushing to sell far too hard which makes it appear as if they’re using the platform to sell their product directly. This is what scares legal teams at social media headquarters, so direct sales must be avoided at all cost for a surviving social media strategy. Formulating an education strategy can protect the marketing budget from being thrown out the window with one poorly executed photo that gets reported.



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