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CannaCentric Social Apps A Must for Entrepreneurs

With recreational cannabis there are so many advancements outside of smokeable and ingestible product companies entering the sector. Social media apps that are angled to cannabis connoisseurs are the future of cannabis marketing and something that any entrepreneur should know about. Each social app takes it’s own approach to combining various features from popular app giants like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and even Tinder. These apps have created a safe space that has never existed in the cannabis social media community before which opens up an entirely new playing field in terms of social media marketing. Here is the quick play by play of each relevant cannabis social media app worth knowing about as of today.


Social High by Leafly

Leafly created Social High and is very serious about it being the Facebook of cannabis with a profile based sharing system. Social High allows us to compile a photo, interests and choose from our favorite strains to display on our profiles. Build connects on the main discovery page that is labelled with a cannabis leaf icon on the menu located at the top of the screen. In the main feed we can ‘Puff’ posts to see more like that on our feed and ‘Pass’ to see less, an awesome Reddit style ranking system that we’re happy to play with. On this menu bar we can also access our ‘Connects’ and find strains or people that are nearby and send messages to new and old friends. As for negatives it runs slowly and is sort of hard to navigate.



This somewhat ingenious app combines the interfaces of Tinder and Instagram with the same ranking system as Social High and Reddit and a messaging interface much like Snapchat. Duby allows users to create a profile with a small photo and description. Duby goes a bit farther than Social High by allowing us to track our like and influence statistics not only per post but also on the whole. This is eventually going to be the most fantastic feature for marketing teams but right now the usership needs to catch up with the app features and pretty solidly run interface and coding. The #dubyfam is growing strong but it there are very few app users that are marketing a product or service and when they do the influence is miniscule. Duby is one to watch and get involved with although the return might be a snowball instead of high impact.



Of all three of these social apps and sites MassRoots is by far the most popular and at this point most expansive in terms of usership, we aren’t sure whether this or Duby will be the go to app come full national legalization. Recent news is showing that the Denver based company lost major capital over September and is currently downsizing staff 50%. The site combines the seamless mobile to browser capable profiles a la Facebook & Twitter while making the user profile look a bit more like Twitter. The #massfam has created MassRoots only hashtags and can search locally or globally for great photos and even ‘Buds’ that may be nearby for a smoke sesh. As the only publicly traded company on the list we’re hoping that MassRoots can continue being a contender in the cannabis app game.

These three apps are still getting their feet under them whether it’s a money issue or amount of users, either way any entrepreneur will want to be involved in them right off the bat. Whether a CEO of a new company makes their own personal profile to understand their interfaces or a company gets involved it is wise to have knowledge of these up and coming marketing tools instead of starting from scratch once they’re important.




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