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Celeste Miranda Named Advisor for the Cannabis Cultural Association

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, APRIL 25, 2016 – Celeste Miranda of The Cannabis Marketing Lab will join the Cannabis Cultural Association’s advisory board. Celeste will help the Cannabis Cultural Association increase awareness of its mission to open the door for people of color to join the booming cannabis industry.

“The Cannabis Marketing Lab is best-in-class at creating social media strategies and marketing campaigns for cannabis-related ventures,” CCA Co-Founder Nelson Guerrero said. “We believe that Celeste Miranda’s insight can skyrocket our efforts to assist minorities who wish to enter the world of cannabis.”

Guerrero, Kamani Jefferson, Jacob Plowden and Sonia Espinosa launched the Cannabis Cultural Association in 2016, after finding that people of color comprise only 1% of the current cannabis industry. The group plans to host instructional seminars for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs and create partnerships with key players in the business so that minorities can gain a stronger voice in the marketplace.

The Cannabis Marketing Lab was founded by Celeste Miranda in 2012 and has become a one-stop shop for companies in all corners of the cannabis industry that need assistance in product launches, website design, social media strategy and more.  Celeste hosts the Cannabis Marketing Lab Radio Show podcast and publishes a bi-monthly online magazine that contains industry news, tips for marijuana-related startups and informative guest columns from different perspectives of the cannabis marketplace.

Celeste Miranda will join Kristin Jordan and Deborah A. Felton as fellow advisors for the CCA. Jordan adds expertise in the legal field, while Felton is the Principal of an upstart company whose goal is to promote the use of cannabis for health and wellness purposes. Combined with Nelson Guerrero, Kamani Jefferson, Jacob Plowden and Sonia Espinosa’s passion for startups (Guerrero is now CEO at a software development firm that serves the cannabis industry called Norsu Tech, while Jefferson and Espinosa are launching EatMe.Land and Jacob Plowden is a SSDP member at Baruch), the CCA believes it now has the ingredients in place to make considerable progress toward its cause.

“I am honored to be part of the Cannabis Cultural Association,” Miranda stated. “I can’t think of a better effort to contribute my insight to… it’s going to be exciting!”

About The Cannabis Marketing Lab: The Cannabis Marketing Lab is the branding of entrepreneurial cannabis and hemp ventures. For more information visit thecannabismarketinglab.com or contact Celeste Miranda at 805-744-2424.

About the Cannabis Cultural Association: For more information about the CCA please visit http://www.cannabisculturalassociation.com/.



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