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Celeste Miranda to Present at the Tacoma Imperious Cannabis Business Expo

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – TACOMA, WA | MAY 9, 2016 – Celeste Miranda has been added to the list of speakers at the Imperious Cannabis Business Expo in Tacoma, WA on July 20-21. The Founder and CEO of The Cannabis Marketing Lab will discuss best practices in branding and online marketing for cannabis-related ventures.


“Celeste’s knowledge of marketing in the cannabis industry is highly rated,” Imperious Expo Co-Founder Eric Norton stated. “She is quite an addition to an already robust group of speakers for our Tacoma event, and her insight will greatly enhance our speaker’s list.”


The Imperious Cannabis Business Expo is one of the premier trade shows for the medical and industrial cannabis industry. The Tacoma edition will feature a keynote speech from Eric Brandstad on managing efficient greenhouses for growing. Brandstad’s company Forever Flowering Greenhouses pioneered a light deprivation method for producing marijuana year round, which is now becoming standard practice in the business. Experts in the legal and insurance sides of the marketplace will present at Imperious Expo, as well as activists and journalists seeking to make progress in cultural understanding and legalization of cannabis. Key vendors will also be on hand to exhibit their products and services to the marijuana community.


Celeste Miranda founded The Cannabis Marketing Lab to address the needs of entrepreneurs within the cannabis industry. Since its inception in 2012, TCML has become the number one digital marketing company for the marketplace it serves. Its expanding list of clients includes growers, accessory producers, legal assistance and major festivals such as Imperious Expo. The Cannabis Marketing Lab specializes in building awareness of cannabis-related ventures through integrated online strategies.


“I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the cannabis industry at Imperious Expo,” Celeste commented. “But more importantly, I can’t wait to see the presentations from the extensive list of speakers that Eric Norton and his team has put together. This is a can’t-miss show for cannabis entrepreneurs in the greater Seattle area and beyond.”


For more information about the Imperious Cannabis Business Expo, please visit http://imperiousexpo.com/.

For more information about The Cannabis Marketing Lab visit http://www.thecannabismarketinglab.com or contact Celeste Miranda at (805) 744-2424.



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