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Celeste Miranda to speak at culinary and cannabis

Celeste Miranda to speak at culinary and cannabis

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA | MAY 11, 2016 – The Cannabis Marketing Lab’s Founder and CEO Celeste Miranda will speak at Culinary and Cannabis in Huntington Beach, CA on July 24. The inaugural edition of the event will offer cannabis cooking classes, competitions and informational sessions.

“We are excited to have Celeste Miranda present at Culinary and Cannabis,” said event Co-Founder Tamara Anderson. “Her perspectives on the cannabis industry will add a nice touch to the day’s festivities.”

Culinary and Cannabis will feature in-depth classes on using cannabis to enhance flavors and create gourmet meals. Top chefs will educate attendees on topics such as preparing cannaoil and cannabutter. Doctors will give courses about proper dosage and health benefits of marijuana-infused foods. Culinary and Cannabis will also include presentations from lawyers, book discussions, a cooking competition and a taste test.

“With so many interesting things going on at Culinary and Cannabis, I am thrilled to be part of the festivities,” Celeste Miranda stated. “Attendees of the event will leave as better cooks, but they’ll also learn about so many key facets of the cannabis industry, including from the marketing perspective, and how to effectively marketing their edible products.”

Celeste Miranda founded The Cannabis Marketing Lab in 2012, and it has since become the premier public relations firm for the industry. TCML specializes in branding partnerships and offers solutions for any cannabis-related company looking to increase awareness of its product and mission through an integrated online strategy. Celeste hosts The Cannabis Marketing Lab Radio Show and publishes an online magazine through The Cannabis Marketing Lab’s website.

“Culinary and Cannabis will be jam-packed with delicious food, entertainment and great information for those interested in learning more about cannabis,” Tamara Anderson commented. “We encourage anyone interested to grab a ticket, and come to Huntington Beach hungry for food, fun and learning.”

For more information about Culinary and Cannabis or to purchase tickets, please visit http://culinaryandcannabis.com/

For more information about The Cannabis Marketing Lab visit http://www.thecannabismarketinglab.com or contact Celeste Miranda at (805) 744-2424.



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