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How To Do It Yourself in Cannabis Entrepreneurship

The best way to learn how to do something is ask someone who is already successful at it, that is what we’re hoping to do with the DIY Sesh. We have gathered mentors from various aspects of the industry in hopes of creating a space where cannabis entrepreneurs can strategize the best marketing and branding initiatives for each specific product or service. The Cannabis DIY Sesh is an event located in the heart of Silicon Valley, a place that will surely be an enterprising space for cannabis industry if California goes recreational in the November election. If we already have the idea and the passion then now is the time to make a plan for our future in what will quickly become a saturated market, having this leg up on branding might also be absolutely crucial. The DIY Sesh is just what any cannabis business needs to be sure to begin with a solid brand that will build a strong foundation to stand on for a marketing campaign.


What Is The DIY Sesh?

We already explained the basics but I’m sure that there are still questions about exactly what to expect from this one of a kind event. Essentially we will spend all day hearing lectures on how to make a product stand out, how to launch a brand quickly and even the vast range of potential client for the expansive industry of cannabis. The full day of marketing knowledge also includes a delicious breakfast and lunch to keep the mind ready to sponge up all of the priceless information available at the Sesh. The last portion of the day will be focused on helping attendees build their own brands and ideas with the Sesh Pitch. This is a chance for entrepreneurs to pitch the mentors their idea, at the end of the pitches the mentors will decide which is the most compelling product. The winner of the pitch will win a free service from each of the speakers and the confidence to continue with their venture.


Who Are The Mentors?

Almost all of the mentors are business owners and entrepreneurs who have launched successful cannabis businesses from just an idea.


John Downs President at Infusion Factory will go into product design and manufacturing in his session. Infusion Factory is a tincture and infusion company with a heavy specialty in manufacturing.


Ophelia Chong CEO at Stock Pot Images is revolutionizing the way that we see the modern cannabis client and will speak to that in her session regarding the cornucopia of potential clients to market towards.


Kharis Stallworth CEO at BuddhaBakes will speak to starting an edibles company on a startup budget, a great piece of knowledge for any entrepreneur and even further how to make that product stand out utilizing the same tight budget.


Liz Rudner CEO at Moonman’s Mistress plans to use her session to empower entrepreneurs with the speed to take their business to new heights.


Jeff Lang CEO at Pacificanna Organics will teach us how to incorporate cold calling in an industry that is wary of phone interactions.


These seasoned veterans of cannabis marketing have the urge to ignite the passion for small business ownership in the cannabis sector, this is why the DIY Sesh exists. We aim to empower each other through a day of learning, sharing and maybe even some good old fashioned networking.





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