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LinkedIn: The Professional Networking Solution for Cannabis Businesses

You don’t have to search long on LinkedIn or even Google to find a prolific cannabis presence connecting back to LinkedIn. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn seems to be more relaxed with their policies on drugs. Their guidelines state,Drugs, Illegal Substances,and Related Products. Even if legal in the applicable jurisdiction, LinkedIn does not allow ads related to prescription pharmaceuticals, drugs or any related products or services. Ads that promote illegal drugs, highs, herbal medicines and treatments, psychoactive effects of substances, or aids to pass drug tests are all prohibited.”

There are several ways to locate an audience on LinkedIn. Marketing cannabis may not be allowed per the guidelines, but B2B marketers from other industries can target businesses in the cannabis industry. When searching for cannabis-related businesses on LinkedIn you’ll find almost 40,000 pop up, uncensored. Business accounts aren’t being shut down with no notice like occurrences on Facebook and Instagram. There are probably many violations too, but LinkedIn appears to foster a healthy cannabis community.

One way to discover your audience is to target businesses by their location. Thisprovides an overview of the number of people LinkedIn believes reside in legal cannabis states. The company name can also help target cannabis businesses. By typing in the first letters in a word, a drop-down box appears with suggestions. Select an actual company,and LinkedIn showssuggestions for similar companies. This option works well if you know the specific companies that you are looking for.

A third solution is to find audiences by targeting cannabis businesses using the “groups” search function. Adding a location to your search allows you to filter your search results.This option works but its difficult to find out how active or large these groups are with no further research.

There are a few extra tips for LinkedIn advertising. Ads tend to be more successful on LinkedIn than pictures. Utilize landing pages that have a compelling call to action. Also, be sure to define the action that should be taken after people click on your advertisement.

Since LinkedIn is the social media network known for professional groups and contacts, it’s probably the best network that cannabis can be connected too. In many instances, this connection further legitimizes the cannabis industry.


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