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Marijuana Attorneys and Celeste Miranda of The Cannabis Marketing Lab Join Forces to Create Cannabusinessattorneys.com

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – DENVER, CO – SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 – Cannabusinessattorneys.com, the much anticipated legal cannabis platform, recently announced their upcoming launch of what will be the industry’s most innovative and unprecedented legal platform linking cannabis attorneys with cannabis entrepreneurs.

CANNABUSINESSATTORNEYS.COM is unique because of the people behind it. Florida attorney David Kotler of Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers, LLC, Denver attorney Robert Hoban of Hoban and Feola, LLC, and Celeste Miranda, CEO of The Cannabis Marketing Lab and industry marketing leader, meshed to create the platform and bring it to market for an anticipated release time date of October 13, 2015.

The digital platform will feature a robust attorney locator, the ability to ask a question answered by a cannabis attorney, legal information, a cannabis legal blog, a discussion of up-to-date cannabis legal issues, video conferencing, expert witnesses and more.

CANNABUSINESSATTORNEYS.COM CEO, David Kotler, states, “I am excited to be part of this collaboration which will hopefully link quality cannabis lawyers with the public. The educational and other unique components will set this site apart from other similar sites which I feel are meant only to generate fees for their creators. ”
“I’m privileged to personally be involved in this project”, said Celeste Miranda, CTO of CannaBusinessAttorneys.com. “This site is going to be an amazing platform for cannabis entrepreneurs. There is nothing currently existing of this caliber to legally guide cannabis entrepreneurs”, said Miranda.

About CannaBusinessAttorneys.com:
CannaBusinessAttorneys.com will be launched on October 13, 2015. The website will be the cannabis industry’s first digital platform of this caliber. For further information on the launch of this technology, contact Celeste Miranda at celeste@thecannabismarketinglab.com.



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