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Marketing Cannabis in the 21st Century

Cannabis is growing up. Rapidly. And now is the time for cannabis companies to consider their marketing strategies, no matter where they are in the process of getting to market. It is better to know who you are when you are ready to publicize than to be ready to publicize and not know who you are.

Marketing, at its heart, is simply the act of communicating with potential customers about the products and services you have to offer. It is not rocket science, although there are some bedrock principles and proven practices that need to be followed. And, while the cannabis industry has its own quirks, those principles still stand.

What is the goal of any good marketing strategy? The goal is to get new customers to look at your product or service and convince them that it is for them. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Certainly, companies in the cannabis sphere can make it through the next few years relying on current consumers moving to a legal market. What happens, however, when that pool of consumers has chosen its brands? The companies that survive the initial Green Rush phase of the industry will then have to find new customers.

The unique challenge for the cannabis industry gaining new customers is going to be erasing the stigma of illegality and achieving acceptance with those new customers. With a little bit of foresight, cannabis companies can leverage their current marketing strategies to reach people who have not previously considered cannabis as an option.



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