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Mobile Marketing in the Marijuana Industry

Mobile Marketing in the Cannabis industry is an interesting prospect. As most who have focused their marketing efforts to the online sphere can tell you, there is a distinct need for a streamlined, user-friendly approach. Consumers want information, and need simplicity. They need to be engaged, have instant access to the information they seek, and the ability to share this information at will. This presents unique opportunities to the internet savvy entrepreneur, business owner, and investor, especially in the realm of Cannabis.

Online Marketing is known of by most, understood by some, but effectively leveraged by few. Adding in the complexities of Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, and Canna-culture, and it can be challenging to craft the perfect image while retaining the usability that mobile users rely upon. If your content is not accessible, easily shared, or interesting, it’s simply not making the impact that it could.

Apps are taking over the Cannabis industry. High Times online recently released a list of 10 “must-have” apps for cannabis users. From growing to purchasing, legal facts to strain information, apps like WeedMaps, The Marijuana Handbook, WeedLaws, The GrowApp and Leafly have proven that there is a marked interest in Marijuana on mobile devices. It’s official, there is “high” demand for Marijuana information on mobile devices… The question is: do you have the right product and marketing tactics?

It’s not only about direct marketing through Apps. Users share content and brand favorites through Instagram and SnapChat, and “hash”tagging is no joke. Search Engines yield the top brands with the best SEO tactics, but when a user-base is strong enough, the latest products rise to the top as well.

With careful brand management, a strong marketing effort, and a keen eye for the mobile-based market, your product could be the next big thing to take off.

Don’t neglect the power of the phone!


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