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Results… Sales vs. Marketing

by Celeste Miranda


It seems like lately I’ve been asked a lot about “results”… like how marketing is directly tied to results. You know, to SALES. So, I thought it was time to take a few minutes and clear up this long-standing yet still unanswered question that most marketing people do everything they can to sidestep.

Here it is people: Marketing is NOT sales and sales is NOT marketing. Yes, marketing is indirectly tied to sales… indirectly being the keyword here. I’ve done marketing for a long time. I’m very good at it. However, with that said, I am not my clients sales team. It’s important to fully understand the function of marketing.

As a marketing professional, it is my duty to make a brand look “pretty”, fitting well into their branded category. It’s my job to then provide the sales teams with everything they need to properly sell their widget. That could include a website, social media interaction, brochures, press releases, etc., to just name a few tools. Thereafter, I hand the baton off to the sales team to do their job, which is sales. Your sales team may truly be a team, or a person or the owner him or herself. Whoever it may be, then it becomes up to them to directly make sales.

I’m not trying to pass any buck here or point fingers. I’m trying to present a realistic explanation so realistic conclusions may be drawn on what to expect from your marketing team. Sure, they should enhance sales, again indirectly, by getting your service or product “out there” and giving the sales team the tools to more easily make sales. If anyone says any different, it’s not true… I’m being real. Marketing cannot directly control sales. Marketing is an influencer. The function of marketing is for the client to realize who their customers are and where they are coming from. We create brand awareness, loyalty retention and credibility. We establish and position the client as a valid resource. We IMPROVE you, so you can sell more.

So, if a client would ask me how am I, or my teams efforts producing results, I would have to clarify that it’s an indirect task and rather focus the question to be “are we giving the sales team what they need to produce results (sales). If sales numbers aren’t where they should be or you want them to be, then perhaps the sales tools need to be analyzed. That is marketing.

Hope the long weekend was good to everyone!


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