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Survive a Shift From Medical to Recreational Cannabis

Multiple states in the US have successfully legalized recreational cannabis and seen countless benefits, the most publicized of which is the epic tax revenue that the cash crop is bringing into the state budget. As Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the other recreational states have led the way many other small governments are looking at recreational cannabis on the ballot this Fall. Some of these states are already operating under medical programs and propositions which might become obsolete if your state welcomes recreational cannabis in the next voting cycle. So, how does a medical dispensary or brand survive with the ominous arrival of recreational cannabis? The answer in short: through applying the right marketing strategies.

Branding for Recreational Cannabis

It seems that the safest way for a brand to continue to operate under recreational guidelines is to continue operating as usual while also marching into line with whatever legislation begins to take hold after the election. To make this business split doable create a brand for a recreational market to ensure that the product can live on. Medical patients focus on healing properties, test results and cannabinoids while this simply confuses the recreational customer. Recreational clientele are looking more for a rudimentary educational marketing platform that doesn’t scare them away or make them feel intimidated.

When selling a recreational cannabis product the customer wants to know how they will feel and don’t care about the healing properties. In the case of dispensaries, begin to conceptualize a split between the dispensary for medical and recreational operations. If splitting the current dispensary isn’t doable then think about how much it would cost to open a new retail space for recreational so that fundraising plans can begin ahead of time. Applying these branding and marketing strategies to a currently medical product or retail space will help ensure a place for these small businesses in the ever expanding cannabis market.



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