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Who do you want as a customer?

As the cannabis industry moves through the Green Rush, who will you want to attract to your business? Who is your target customer? Where will you go to grow your customer base?

Many companies will be looking to attract customers who are already familiar with cannabis and have been regular users for quite some time. This is a valid approach in the short term and will certainly achieve results. However large the pool of current consumers is, it will eventually dry up. Where do you go from there?

Some companies are looking in another direction. They want to attract new consumers to the cannabis sphere. These companies are therefore adapting more traditional marketing concepts to their campaigns. What does that look like?

First, it means ditching the stoner culture. Apostasy you say? No, it is looking at the multitudes of consumers who have never thought about cannabis before the recent wave of states making it legal. I’m not saying that you should adopt this strategy. I’m merely saying that some are.

For every Tommy Chong there is an executive who consumes under the radar. For every long time consumer there is a potential new consumer, if not two or three. Ditching the trappings of stoner culture could be a first step towards marketing your business if you are not, at the heart of your business, catering to long time consumers of cannabis.

My larger point is this. Know who your consumer target is and market according to what they might want to see.



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