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You Charge WHAT for Marketing?!

by Celeste Miranda…

So like many good business owners should do every so often, I decided it was time to shop my competitors. For the record, whenever I’ve done this in the past, it’s been kind of fun, sometimes educational, sometimes enlightening. This time, it was shocking.

People, listen to me… if someone tells you it costs $5000 to build a website, unless that site is a major e-commerce site or has some other type of bells and whistles, you really should reply with some type of expletive. I was quoted that for a BASIC, informational-only website. I then asked why it was so expensive and was given the reason “we build it with SEO tools built in” and “we make it easy for you to update”. Now, maybe if I wasn’t in the business those things would sound technical and technical equals expensive, but, um, I am. So, to the first justification I say “You mean like a Yoast SEO plug in or something like that?”. I hear a faint “Yes, something like that”. Last I checked the Yoast SEO plug in was free with a premium version being $89. So, I go on to the second justification and say “ok, so when I log in, do I see the regular Word Press panel or is there something you put between me and that to make things easier?” I hear “No, you will see the regular panel, but we add some plug ins that make it easier”. Hmmmm…. to my knowledge I’ve never heard of that and if anything does exist, I’m fairly certain it’s free.

Maybe I should look at this and say to myself that we are too low on our pricing. So I grab a calculator and start hitting away. I know what it costs and I know what I pay my staff. I know the margins I want. I listen to this guy say that they don’t just do marketing that they “build relationships” (the new buzzwords). But how do you build an honest and good relationship by being usurious? I mean, sure profit is great and maybe I should get on the if you don’t ask you don’t get bus, but that’s just wrong. Everyone deserves to make money from hard work, but I think I do. I mean, I make my margins when I can and on some odd occasions, I miss the target. But at least I know that I’m not being financially abusive to my clients.

I just hope that you entrepreneurs out there KNOW that you don’t have to pay that much for great work. If someone gives you numbers like that, call another person. With all that said, I do believe in the “you get what you pay for” mantra. If someone tells you they can make you an awesome sight for $100, question that. I’m just saying that you don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts.

So after gathering my marbles, I ask my next question about SEO pricing. Readddyyy fooorrr iiiittt? $1500 per month. “Excuse me, what was that?” Ok, let me tell you, SEO is quite intense and it takes quite a few man hours to do it well. But I’m having trouble digesting $1500. Wow, either I’m crazy on my pricing or he is. Are people really paying this? “Ok, ok, just tell me what you charge for promotional video creation”. “Well, we use a template for some promo videos we have in our gallery. You pick which ones you like and we will put your name and logo in there. That costs about $1000, but if you want us to customize it, it will be quite a bit more.” Ok, hold on, isn’t that the same type of thing I see on Fiverr for $5? I’m pretty sure we are talking about the same thing here. I say that in my head, well at least I hope it didn’t come out my mouth, I don’t think so. This makes me look over at Nathan, my firms videographer who is sitting there diligently creating a very cool video for the Canna Energy drink. We do at least one or two of these a month for our clients, all included in our monthly fee. If people are paying these amounts, maybe the joke is on me, I don’t even know anymore.

Last question I ask him: “What do you charge to post to my social media accounts 4 or 5 times a week?” He answers “About $500”. Thank the baby Buddha, because he at least is finally ORBITTING this planet.

I’m an entrepreneur as well, and I love our species. So, from me to you, you guys don’t have to pay those amounts for great work. Give us a call.

p.s. Had to update this. Subsequently, in an effort to impress me, this guy sends me a photo of him and Tommy Chong smoking together. Oh, ok now I get it, because you smoked with Tommy Chong (hasn’t everybody? love ya, Tommy), you’re kinda a big deal. That definitely clears up the price justification.


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